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    Over the last 50 years, the Maasai have lost 90% of their land. Many young Maasai are fleeing to cities, where they become lonely, hungry and homeless.
    Let's equip them with skills and support to boost their chances in life.
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    Many Maasai children drop out of school at a young age. Learning in another language is a big barrier. So is going hungry.
    Let's give them a better chance at education.
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    Young Maasai need a voice. They need opportunities to shape and develop their future.
    Let's give them an opportunity to be heard.
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    Less than 50% Maasai adults have completed primary school.
    Let's give them skills to create a better future for their children
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Future Warriors Project provides Maasai communities with grassroots support to overcome uncontrollable barriers triggered by global warming, loss of land and modernisation. 

We provide access to education, outreach to the homeless, a voice for emerging leaders and opportunities to share and sustain this wonderful culture.

Our projects target Maasai children and adults in urban and remote locations, who do not have access to other forms of support. 

Our projects

Kitenden Village Preschool Kitenden Village Preschool
Namelok Community School Namelok Community School
Supporting Urban Migrants Supporting Urban Migrants
Research Partnership - Maasai Health Research Partnership - Maasai Health
Business Opportunities for Maasai (BOMAA) project Business Opportunities for Maasai (BOMAA) project