Volunteering with FWP is hugely beneficial for everyone involved.

 As a volunteer, you will gain valuable and unique experience while supporting a cause you care about. It’s personally rewarding and offers memories to last a lifetime

Future Warriors Project will go to a significant effort to ensure you have a well-organised and managed stay, while respecting your independence as a traveller and volunteer. As a not-for-profit supporting Maasai communities, we have given great consideration to how you can enhance our projects and make a difference to the local community. This distinguishes us from many volunteer-based organisations which are set up purely to manage volunteers and offer them placements wherever they can find them.

FWP is first and foremost a grassroots not-for-profit delivering targeted projects supporting Maasai communities. Volunteering with us means you will work on a meaningful and genuine community project. We work with Maasai in a range of communities and contexts, so we can find ways to tailor your volunteering experience to your skills and interests. We are flexible to accommodate how you want to work into our projects.

There are great benefits for the community even beyond the project you work on. When you volunteer, you participate in an intercultural exchange. You will find Maasai are warm and welcoming and enjoy getting to know you. You also indirectly contribute to the local economy and support local livelihoods which is incredibly important to local communities and the Maasai people overall.

We have a variety of volunteering opportunities available in Arusha and West Kilimanjaro and can also arrange a bespoke, customised experience for skilled volunteers – Apply Today!