Mswakini Village

Be greeted with traditional dances and songs at the village, then guided by a Maasai warrior follow narrow footpaths through a dense natural forest and trails created by buffaloes to reach the top of Mt Longido, or shorter hikes to local waterholes. 

Mount Longido Hike – Kiserian & Ol Tepesi

Welcome to the village with traditional songs and dances. Feel like a real Maasai warrior with the sarifice of a goat in your honour and share in the feast around the campfire.  Hike the next day to a Baobab tree to learn how to throw a spear like awarrior.

Esilalei Walking

Combine a a wildlife game drive in the park.with a visit to the secluded village of Ordukai passing on the way by a beautiful oasis. Hike an off the beaten track with a Maasai guide or drive to a traditional fishermen’s village.

Sinya Village

The sky above Sinya is perfect for stargazing. In the thick darkness of the night you might also see mysterious flashing lights. Your guide will explain you were do they come from.

Kitenden Village

Be enchanted by the childen in our pre-school in Kitenden and experience the best views of Mt Kilamanjaro as the sun goes down. Hike to the mysterious Singing Rock and local caves where Maassai wariors gather rt eat meat.

Orkukai Village

After a safari game drive in the park, you can spend the night at the Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge. The next day after breakfast, we will drive to the secluded village of Ordukai passing on the way by a beautiful oasis.

Combine a safari game drive on one day with an easy walk with a Maasai warrior through the forest to a traditional Maasai village the next,

Combine a day at Lake Manyara National Park with a day being looked after in Loosirwa