Welcome to the village with traditional songs and dances. Feel like a real Maasai warrior with the sarifice of a goat in your honour and share in the feast around the campfire.  Hike the next day to a Baobab tree to learn how to throw a spear like awarrior.


Day 1

You arrive at the Makuyuni village, where you are greeted with traditional songs and dances. A goat will be killed in your honour and you are welcomed to join the sacrifice. This is a unique occasion to feel like a true Maasai warrior – eat goat meat and drink blood with them. But donʼt worry! There will be also a proper Western dinner. After dinner people from other villages come for a traditional Maasai gathering. They will sing and dance next to the campfire until late into the night. Feel free to join in.

Day 2

After a filling breakfast you will go on a hike to a baobab tree, where Maasai warriors train their warfare skills. You will also have an occasion to test your aim by learning how to throw a Maasai spear. During the hike your guide will also help you spot wildlife and show you different plants and trees that are used for food and medicine. In the afternoon you will go back to Arusha.

(2 days, I night)

Experience level

Activity Intensity – Low: includes some walking, dancing and other opportunities to participate (how much is up to you).

Cultural – you will be visiting traditional Maasai areas, please dress and act with respect

Accommodation – Basic facilities available.


 Transport - Pick up and return to your accommodation in Arusha

 Meals  - Dinner and Breakfast.  Opportunity to eat traditional foods.  Opportunities to purchase other meals will be available

Accommodation - Basic. Western style toilet. Tank water and tap.

Included Activities -  Welcome to village.  Observe Maasai training and learn how to throw a spear.  Eat with the Maasai.  

What to bring

  • Sleeping bag
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen, medications (this is a malaria zone)
  • Water (recommend 5 litres per day), this can be purchased along the way, please inform your guide
  • Appropriate footwear (hiking shoes) and clothes
  • A sense of adventure

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