Stay healthy and Say NO to SOFT Drinks for 6 weeks during COVID-19. You can do good for your health while doing good for the world by taking part not only you’ll increase your immunity during this PANDEMIC period., but You also be helping others by raising funds to support Our Maasai COVID-19 food program. We are in this together. 


Maasai communities urgently need your support during this Pandemic Period. 

kids eating landscape

85% of Maasai households experience severe food insecurity - with communal markets closing and food prices increasing, they will face starvation 

Most Maasai villages cannot access water for handwashing purposes

High rates of respiratory and underlying conditions could put Maasai at higher risk of COVID-19

Myths and wildly inaccurate theories about COVID-19 are dominating Maasai communities 


Food for families 

50kg of Cornmeal $60 per family ( 90 days NO-Soft Drinks Challenge)
20kg of Beans $55 per family ( 60 days NO-Soft drinks Challenge)
Cooking Oil 3lt $15 per family ( 30 days NO-Soft drinks Challenge)
Salt $5 per family ( 2 Weeks NO-Soft Drinks Challenge)
$220 for per truck transportation per village ( Encourage friends and families to Join the Challenge)

200 handwashing stations

$15 per kit

Community education workshops

$1,200 for 10 Different communities

How to Donate

Via paypal: 

Via bank transfer:

Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Future Warriors Project Inc.
BSB: 034-264
Acct No: 299347

A message from our CEO:

“We thank everyone for your patience as we respond to the world’s reaction to COVID19. I am beyond thankful for the support, resilience, kindness, and patience all our sponsors have shown during this unprecedented situation. As a small organization, this is a very hard time for us. And the situation is dynamic but we will remain focused on providing care and changing the lives of so many disadvantaged children and communities in Tanzania.”

Sianga Kuyan