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Maasai communities urgently need your support to prepare for the impact of COVID-19  

  • 85% of Maasai households experience severe food insecurity - with communal markets closing and food prices increasing, they will face starvation 
  • Most Maasai villages cannot access water for handwashing purposes
  • High rates of respiratory and underlying conditions could put Maasai at higher risk of COVID-19
  • Myths and wildly inaccurate theories about COVID-19 are dominating Maasai communities 


Food for families 

50kg of Cornmeal $60 per family
20kg of Beans $55 per family
Cooking Oil 3lt $15 per family
Salt $5 per family
$220 for per truck transportation per village

200 handwashing stations

$15 per kit

Community education workshops

$1,200 for 10 communities

How to Donate

Via paypal: 

Via bank transfer:

Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Future Warriors Project Inc.
BSB: 034-264
Acct No: 299347