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We empower Maasai women to find safe and sustainable ways to make a living and support each other along the way.

 Due to poor opportunities and lack of food in rural communities, Maasai women may move to Arusha to earn money selling jewellery but they face significant hardship. 

They work with dishonest middlemen who retain significant profits, lack funds to purchase beads, and have difficulty finding a stable platform to sell goods.  They are often very isolated, facing language and cultural barriers, yet stay in Arusha in continued hope of relieving family poverty in their home community.

FWP is empowering Maasai women in Arusha through the creation of a beading network that provides a reliable platform to reach their true earning potential and opportunities for personal support to connect with each other.  

We support the purchasing of beading materials for the women, provide templates of commonly purchased jewellery and networks with tourism businesses that connect their clients with the women’s jewellery market. In return, women return 10% of their revenue to the Maasai Women's Beading Network. This helps fund training, network meetings and the long-term sustainability of the project. 

Donate now to support these women

Make a donation to help Maasai women lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of economic hardship. 

$150 will buy enough materials for a woman to kick start a small beading business, feed her kids and pay their school fees. 

  $20 will buy materials to make up to 10 items, which she will be able to sell and generate enough to feed her kids for two months.              

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