We are working with the community to put the beautiful remote village of Kiserian on the map. 

Situated in the Ngorongoro catchment area, Kiserian is FWP CEO Sianga’s home community. Those who have been lucky enough to visit with him have seen first-hand the hideaway beauty and attractions of this village.  Just a day trip away from Arusha, unfortunately with no campsite, infrastructure, water or electricity, it can be a challenge to visit.

The Kiserian community is keen to make the most of its natural beauty and help create new livelihoods and income for people in the village that also sustain the local environment.  The village has been participating in the Maasai Village Tourism Capacity Building project with FWP.  Through this, we have worked with the community to develop itineraries for overnight visits, build a campsite and WASH facilities for tourists and train local people. Now, through generous fundraising by Max Bailey (former Australian Football Play for Hawthorne), we are also building a tourism centre alongside the campsite. The Tourism Centre will provide attractive accommodation for people seeking a getaway to a Maasai village as well as a small museum to showcase and preserve key Maasai artefacts and history. 

 The majority of the community are pastoralists, relying on cattle and goats for their basic diet and income. The Tourism Centre will provide new livelihoods that also encourage conservation of the natural environment.