Kitenden Pre-school in West-Kilimanjaro provides Maasai children with essential early childhood education, healthy meals, clean water and a brighter start.

Since 2013, we have provided over 50 pre-schoolers each year which much needed early-childhood education, lessons in Kiswahili language, and two daily meals to help give them the best start to their education. In a community where many families experience poverty and only 50% of adults have finished primary school, this is an investment in the future.

Kitenden Pre-school is a significant project that has been delivered by FWP in partnership with the Rotary Club of Albury Hume and several individual class sponsors. You can read more about how this partnership developed here:  Story of Kitenden Pre-school

Support our pre-school to continue and give a Maasai child the best start in life. For less than $1 per day, you can sponsor a preschool placement and help lift a child and family out of poverty.  

Why not visit our pre-school and volunteer your time alongside our friendly Maasai staff? Located on the doorstep of Kilimanjaro National Park and with views over the Amboseli, you can relax, give back and enjoy the magnificent view!  We have purpose-built volunteer accommodation to cater for your needs - find out more here.

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